Wednesday, 24th April 2019


Quality insurance professionals are employed in almost all industries that produce or manufacture. They ensure that companies meet the standards expected when selling or retailing their products.

Quality insurance professionals ultimately protect the consumer by ensuring the public get what they expect from a product. Customer satisfaction is paramount as well as ensuring companies are adhering to regulations that affect their field.*

Quality insurance professionals though are not merely there to check. With their input companies can become more streamlined and efficient. They have various ways of testing and trying out company products and protecting the consumer.

  • Measure current products against the promises and designs made
  • Improving systems if there are improvements to be made
  • Testing products in usage
  • Consulting with managers and staff for feedback and suggestions
  • Reviewing the changes made (if any) to track improvements

Most quality insurance professionals will manage a team of quality control technicians, therefore the ability to lead and delegate is essential.

Due to the nature of the work and the variety of company types which employ quality insurance professionals, employees may be working on a shift bases.

The quality insurance professional has always been an important role in business but is becoming ever increasingly important. With the amount of mass produced goods now on offer and the general consumers hunger for products there is even more need for the quality insurance professional to be both prevalent and accurate in their findings.