Friday, 19th April 2019


Marketing account planners monitor and report on consumer trends in order to help creative teams devise the best and most relevant campaigns and communication strategies. They will research both the consumer and the client and create a formal brief which will be passed on to creative teams of copywriters and art directors. They also need to maintain frequent contact with account handlers who keep clients informed on progress and findings.

In order to conduct qualitative and quantitative research into markets, demographics, trends and consumer behaviour, they may commission external companies or conduct their own research through interviews, surveys and focus groups. To better understand the client, the brand and its objectives, and to inform the advertiser of market findings, planners will meet with senior executives representing the client. They will also advise the client on how to best approach the target market regarding tone, style and angle of the marketing activity. In smaller or specialist agencies, the work of a planner might be done by an account executive or account manager.

When working with either existing or potential consumers, planners will always portray the brand in a positive light and will aim to rectify any negative perceptions that consumers may have.