Thursday, 25th April 2019


Brand developers work either for creative agencies, specialist consultancies or in companies’ in-house marketing departments. They are employed to manage the public image and market presence of a brand with a view to raising a brand’s profile above those of competitors and ultimately maximising sales.

Brand development consultants work closely with companies wishing to develop and increase their market presence, enter into new markets or restructure the brand identity entirely. They will work with advertising and marketing agencies and watch over marketing activity to ensure that the message that their employer wants to communicate is being done so effectively and across the appropriate media channels.

They will oversee brand promotion, in areas such as advertising and product placement and guarantee that the brand they work for is receiving the optimum amount of positive exposure. It is the responsibility of brand developers to monitor market activity and consumer trends where the brand is concerned and report back with findings. This will help the brand identify areas to improve. To do this, the brand developer may arrange focus groups or commission external organisations to conduct research on their behalf.

Depending on the size of the employer, a brand developer might contribute to the design and branding of new products or services.