Friday, 19th April 2019


Media buyers and media planners work in advertising and marketing agencies and media buying organisations, arranging and buying advertising space in magazines, newspapers, on billboards, television and radio, online and through various other platforms.

They are responsible for researching the various media platforms available and identifying how and where an advert will reach the largest possible or specifically targeted audience. They discuss strategy with the client in order to identify their desired target viewers and their trends and habits. This will lead to the decision of which media channels will reach the largest percentage of the audience at the lowest cost to the client.

Media planners and buyers will also look at viewing, listening and circulation figures in different geographical locations to work out peak audience exposure times before presenting findings, cost breakdowns and estimates to the client for approval.

They foster important relationships with media salespeople working for the various media platforms in order to negotiate discounted prices. Generally speaking, regular advertisers and ‘bulk buyers’ will be offered lower rates for advertising space. Media buyers and account handlers will monitor the exposure a campaign receives and will report back to the client on its overall effectiveness.