Tuesday, 23rd April 2019


Artist managers work for all types of musician, be it a singer or group, guiding their careers along and running their business. Artist managers, or music managers, are responsible for securing the best work and pay for their clients, organising gigs, events, radio or television appearances, promotion and even negotiating the best record deal possible.

Managers will work with their artist’s career strategy and style of music in mind, helping with the decision making in all aspects of the musician’s career and trying to secure the best deals possible in order to build up their artists’ profiles. Music management is a competitive and intense profession, as managers do not just fight to further their artists’ careers but their own as well.

Artist managers have to be extremely good at networking and negotiation. They need to know everyone who matters in the industry, and keep well informed on the latest events, gigs and breakthrough artists. The normal tasks of an artist manager include:

  • Scouting new artists and talent
  • Booking gigs and events for their artists to perform at
  • Negotiating deals with record labels
  • Organising tours
  • Deciding on what songs the artist will perform at each gig
  • Arranging radio or television appearances
  • Dealing with press enquiries
  • Recommending the best producers and collaborations
  • Keeping in contact with their clients at all times
  • Attending meetings with big names in the music industry

Networking and people skills are major skills that music managers require. Artists will expect their manager to know all the right people so that they get the best opportunities. Staying on top of developments in the industry is paramount.

Artist managers often have more than one client on their books. They need to be great organisers to be able to keep up with each of their artists and their schedules. Often this requires managers to be on call at all times, and they tend to work long or anti-social hours.

Artist managers can become very successful with the right skills and attributes. Having an interest in the music industry is a plus, but people skills are crucial.