Friday, 19th April 2019


A producer's role is to create an audio record that brings together the separate sound recordings. Producers work with bands and record labels, making decisions on the types of musicians required to record a piece of music and what style to record it in. Many producers work with performers in a recording studio with the assistance of sound engineers.

Producers can work in all areas of music, either with recording artists or making music for film or television soundtracks or adverts. They work in a recording studio, recording all different ‘layers’ of an audio track, editing and piecing them together to make a final record. With advancing technology an increasing number of people are becoming involved in producing their own music.

Producers are likely to be involved with the following tasks when working for a record company:

  • Listening to demos and selecting music with commercial potential
  • Negotiating and signing contracts with musicians and A&R departments of music publishers
  • Setting the budget and recording schedule and keeping to it
  • Recording singers and musicians in the studio
  • Sometimes giving direction to the artists
  • Editing the audio tracks into a completed record
  • Delivering the product to the A&R department of the company,

Different producers will take on different roles. Some producers prefer to be very hands on and have a creative input, whereas others will take a back seat and ensure that the songs are recorded correctly.

Producers end up working with many different people during the production process, including performers, writers, arrangers, lawyers, accountants and distributors. In order to get the desired sound, hours can often be long and irregular including evenings and weekends.

With pop music, producers can often become hugely famous and singers and bands will strive to work with them. Some producers can also end up launching their own performing music career on the back of their producing success.