Sunday, 21st April 2019


Professional singers perform songs, of any genre, in front of audiences and make recordings for the public to listen to by broadcast, CV or download. Singers use their vocal talents to make a living, either as a solo recording artist, part of a group or as a session vocalist for film, TV, adverts or theatre productions.

Singers interpret music by using their knowledge of voice production, melody, harmony, and rhythm. There are many different types of singer with all types of skills and backgrounds.

They may be classically trained, or simply have a natural vocal talent. Classical singers and popular singers perform different types of music. Classical singers can still perform solo but will also have a lot of opportunity to work with orchestras or church groups. Popular singers can have all types of vocal talent and can sing in genres like pop, jazz, soul, rock, blues, or country and western.

Professional singers, whether classical or popular can sing as lead singers or with band members. It is also possible for them to become session musicians, providing backing vocals or they might also be musicians that accompany themselves on an instrument. Some singers earn their living through singing at parties or events, whilst others may become commercially successful and famous.

Singers can also write their own material, which they either perform or get session musicians to play for them while they sing. It can be a very rewarding career, especially if music is of particular interest. The hours can be long and irregular full of practising, performing and finding more work.