Tuesday, 23rd April 2019


Animal grooming has started to become a large and diverse industry. Whilst the majority of pet grooming involves working with dogs, there are increasingly more services catering to the needs of other pets such as cats, rabbits and guinea pigs. Pet groomers are professionals that earn their living from grooming different pets.

Pet grooming is not just done for show, but is also sometimes necessary to prevent the discomfort and suffering of the pet. Some breeds of dog or cat require frequent professional grooming, due to their type of fur and their size. Dog breeds that do not moult (shed fur) or have thick long fur such as poodles, sheepdogs and spaniels, will need regular grooming, almost monthly.

Dog groomers will generally be required to look after the condition of the pet’s fur, by washing, clipping and trimming where necessary. After discussing needs with the client, groomers will work with how the animal should look and will trim the coat accordingly.

The work could involve:

  • Calming the animal if nervous and keeping it still
  • Shaping the animal’s coat with electric clippers
  • Shampooing and drying the fur
  • Trimming the coat at the end
  • Checking the condition of the skin, eyes, ears and nails
  • Trimming nails or cleaning teeth if necessary
  • Advising owners on how to upkeep their pet’s grooming at home

Special care and attention must be taken by dog groomers when clipping, especially around the animal's face. The same goes for when grooming smaller animals, as cats and rabbits will require much more detailed attention and care. Dog groomers often follow set standards for how different breeds should look which is particularly important when dogs are being prepared for a show or event.

Pet groomers can either be self-employed, or can work for a veterinary surgery or a private pet grooming salon. The work can be physically demanding and requires patience and care when handling of animals, especially when dealing with larger breeds of dogs. Pet groomers need to be fully comfortable with handling animals, being firm when required, and it is certainly not a job for someone who is allergic to animal fur.