Thursday, 25th April 2019


Whilst pet sitting might not necessarily be the most obvious career within pet services, it is certainly a big industry in a country where even the busiest of households have pets that need looking after. Pet sitters offer an alternative to kennels and animal boarding establishments, whereby they can be hired on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to care for pets when the owners are unavailable.

Pet sitters can be self-employed, or they can work for agencies that provide pet sitting services for any length of time and for any type of pet. The work can involve home visits to feed and care for the pet whilst an owner is away, general dog walking services for owners who work full-time, or taking animals into their own homes to care for them whilst owners are away.

Dogs need daily exercise, and dog walking is a major part of the pet sitting business. Dog walkers will drop round to pick up their clients’ dogs and take them for walks, dropping them back home safely afterwards. Dog walkers can work on a regular or ad-hoc basis depending on the client’s needs.

Pet sitting is a job with a lot more responsibility. Home boarding is becoming a more popular option for owners who worry that their pet may find kennels or catteries a traumatic experience. Pet sitters must have appropriate experience in animal care.

  • Home boarding - requires taking a client’s pet into the pet sitter’s own home, providing a ‘home from home’ experience. This means being there to care for the animals, from feeding, walking, providing comfortable living areas and sometimes administering medicines or treatments if required.
  • Pet sitting - this usually means visiting the clients home, either each day or general house sitting overnight. This ensures that the pet suffers as little upheaval as possible and routines are not dramatically disrupted whilst owners are unavailable.

Both of the above options require complete trustworthiness, a responsible nature and a good reputation. Pet-sitters may have to supply certain checks or be registered with an agency before finding work, as pet owners will want to be reassured of their professionalism.

Pet-sitting is also a favourable option for part-time work or temping, and is a good holiday work option for young people still at school or university. Even as a part-time job, pet sitting can offer good rewards.