Sunday, 21st April 2019


A career in planning covers a wide range of different fields including design, environmental issues, management, regeneration and development. The main aim within planning is to ensure that developments have the relevant permission to go ahead. If not they must come up with solutions to any problems they face.

The planning industry is incredibly diverse, therefore a huge level of knowledge is required to deal with legislation and environmental and social responsibilities. Although a range of different jobs in planning is offered, the majority will be found on site running and supporting a team of workers. Work can range from small scale individual projects to large public developments.

Research is crucial within the industry; the social, economic and population status of an area must be taken into account and analysed before a development can begin.

A development will begin firstly with a review and processing of initial land use applications and site plans for compliance and creating staff reports for City Councils, Development Commissions and Planning Commissions. Technical and field research will also be carried out so to prepare statistical reports and recommendations.