Thursday, 25th April 2019


A site engineer will perform technical, organisational and supervisory roles on construction projects; this will include setting out roads, drainage systems, sewers and entire structures.

A key feature of the job is applying designs and plans to mark out the site. Projects can range from small scale to multi-million pound ventures including civil, road, rail and other infrastructure projects.

The work will involve liaising with architects, engineers, construction managers, supervisors, planners, surveyors and subcontractors.

Site engineers will also share responsibility for site security, health and safety, and the organisation and supervision of material and human resources. In particular, the use of materials will be overseen by the site engineer. These must be carefully chosen to fit the correct specifications and need to be cost effective. Environmental implications should also be considered in great detail.

Typical work will involve acting as the main technical advisor on a construction site with a huge focus on setting out, leveling and surveying the site. The plans, drawings and quantities will need to be checked to ensure all calculations are accurate. Working in accordance with laws and regulatory bodies is very important as a site engineer, so keeping up-to-date with any changes is crucial.

Planning all the work in an organised manner is all important so that deadlines are met.