Wednesday, 24th April 2019


Space planners become involved when an individual or a company wants to move into somewhere new or change the layout of an existing residence or place of business.

Ultimately they utilise the available space and make it into the best space possible under the directions of the client and health and safety regulations. There are three guiding principles: workability; efficiency and for it to be aesthetically pleasing.

Space planners will begin by taking a brief from a client. They will then visit the space to take in all they need and produce some drawings and ideas. It is important to bear in mind that planners will have to come up with a number of different options. When designing ideas they must take into account personnel, square foot available and any pre-existing demands in place.

Within their remit are drawing plans, organising data and all available information and sticking closely to the budget set out. In today’s world, particularly in business space, planners are sought after. Following on from their work a company can not only maximise its space but can also make it into the most suitable from which employees can thrive and business can grow.

Space planners must be able to get on with a range of people. They will win contracts by having good references and expertise.