Sunday, 19th May 2019


A town planner is responsible for assessing proposals put to them by surveyors looking to build structure or improve an existing one. They are involved in the development of cities, towns and villages, equally combining the demands of development, government and the environment.

Town planner as a term covers a vast range of all projects from those involved in a large national scale project to smaller, more regional ones. Using their skill and knowledge of the area they will decide in conjunction with other senior members of the town whether to grant planning permission to developers or not. Needless to say this is a highly controversial area and the planner must be fair and just in their decisions and not swayed by external factors.

In depth knowledge and understanding of the area that comes under the jurisdiction of the town planner and the people within it is essential. The area and its inhabitants must always come first and the planner must understand what would benefit them. Factors such as social, economic and environmental change all need to be considered before a decision is made and any permission is granted.

The implications of decisions can be colossal and wide ranging. Planners are involved themselves with buildings, housing, transport links and leisure/retail outlets. Ultimately planners look to add ‘value’ to the area that they control. They must protect past heritage whilst improving the surrounding area.

There are many areas to work within including’ affordable housing, regeneration, design of towns and protecting the countryside.