Sunday, 21st April 2019


The police force of the United Kingdom is the oldest in the world. This brings a prestigious position and a level of respect. It is also a highly competitive work place which is difficult to get into for those not prepared to commit exclusively. The police force of the UK is held in high regard globally and has been, and will continue to be, a model for other countries. It is tightly run and heavily regulated with a focus on experience and results creating an ability to progress further.

Crime will always be around, it is as old as civilisation itself. Therefore, and understandably, there will always be a need for the police and particularly young recruits eager to make a difference to the safety of the streets and the well-being of a community. In general the UK has a very low crime rate compared to other countries and this is thanks in great part to the effectiveness and the deterrence of the police force. Britain is a democratic society and the police make up a great portion of this social responsibility.

Working for the police is seen as a rewarding career, giving something back to both the community and the country. The main goal is the reduction of crime, the diminished threat of it and helping out those that have been affected by it. The police provide the ultimate deterrent for criminals and directly because of this make civilians feel safer. Being part of the police is a daily challenge and the role of what is necessary changes daily. Often the police must face a whole range of extremely tense and difficult situations.

The police force is a varied career, there are many different opportunities from walking the beat to back room analyst. All candidates are recommended that they go to their local station and enquire more about exactly what it is they wish to do.