Sunday, 21st April 2019


Detectives or the plain clothes Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has been around and in service since the 1880’s. To the outside world being a detective appears the most glamorous role there is within the force. Whilst in truth detectives do work the most extreme cases and are paid well for doing so the stresses and sights of the job cannot be underestimated.

Detectives will often work on long cases, amassing evidence, witnesses and statements for many months before they are in a position to progress with the case. Hours are very long and only the hardiest should apply. Teamwork is everything and it takes a vibrant and resilient character to progress and succeed.

Detectives must be experts in interviewing, processing and knowledgeable about the legislation that affects their various fields. There are a number of specialisms to choose from and often a detective, after serving 2 years as a general in house force detective, will be put into an area that they have a particular aptitude for.