Thursday, 25th April 2019


Police officers are principally employed and enjoy making a difference to a community, town or at the highest level even a city. Officers represent the public facing division of the law and as a result they require specialist skills to ensure they present as well as possible at all times whilst fighting for the cause they protect, namely upholding and enforcing the laws of our country.

Police officers must be ready to face all manner of different obstacles on a daily or even hourly basis. As a result, only those who relish a challenge need apply. Before applying candidates are expected to consider the role that they are applying for. Whilst it is at times dangerous and stressful, police officers are in a position to really make a difference on a particular beat.

Police officers work to various key roles they must perform; protect the community from violence, reassure the community and anyone affected by crime and at the higher end to solve complex investigations on controversial matters.