Wednesday, 24th April 2019


The police force is not only vast in number but is highly complex. There are strict procedures in place and vast amounts of information being collated daily. To ensure the force runs effectively and efficiently there are a large number of support staff employed by the force. Whilst they do not walk a beat or interact with the public they work extremely closely with those that do. Without the support staff the police would be lost and this is something they frequently admit.

There are a huge amount of roles within police force; therefore candidates are advised to contact their local force to find out more. The force will also determine which role is most suitable for you. Some examples follow;

Analyst – collate and study information gathered by the police to help detect, reduce and solve crime. This is the single largest employer of support staff and is a crucial role.

Call Handler – Receives incoming calls from the public. Often the individual calling will be distressed and they must be able to keep them calm whilst dispatching the relevant force needed.

Front Counter – Looks after the counter in a police station and takes enquiries and questions that may be asked. They are the most public facing form of the force.

Librarian – runs the vast police libraries and general data management sections. Organisation and speed are essential.