Thursday, 23rd May 2019


Special constables are trained volunteers who work with and support the local police force. This is very much a ‘temporary’ or ‘part time’ role in the police and many employed have another job.

Special constables must do a minimum of four and a half hours a week and they can come from any other field of employment. As well as the pay it must be noted that to do this is a rewarding and beneficial thing for a community. Job satisfaction is high.

Special constables provide an excellent link between the local community and the police force and are often seen as the bridge. As the special constables come from the community itself, some will be more willing to speak to them than they are a police officer. Should the special constable find out information that may help a police officer they duly pass this on.

Special constables conduct local intelligence based patrols. They will often target specific areas and provide support to the regular police. They can carry out foot patrols and road patrols and they must present evidence if required, report on anti-social behaviour and educate the young in the police and crime prevention in general.