Sunday, 19th May 2019


Press officers work in house for businesses. They are the primary point of contact for the press, including newspapers, magazines, journals, online press and broadcast media organisations.

They are usually responsible for planning and writing strategic press releases on behalf of their employer to send to press for publication. It is important that a press officer be able to make and keep good relationships with influential members of the press – journalists, editors, bloggers and publishers, in order to maintain, and gradually increase, the number of media platforms available.

Press officers handle enquiries from the media and support account managers. They scour the press in order to find, compile and analyse relevant press cuttings. They may also need to monitor and constantly update social networking platforms on behalf of the employer or client.

Press officers will research events to cover or to organise events on behalf of the client or employer. They also arrange press conferences and will then try and draw in as many of their press contacts as possible to attend and report on the event.

They write reports and evaluate PR activity for the client.