Sunday, 21st April 2019


Social networking has become a huge part of life in the 21st century. A study in The Economist recently showed that if Facebook was a country, its users would make up the third largest population in the world, second only to India and China. With such a great presence and influence on the public, pretty much every company are evolving their marketing techniques to incorporate social media sites.

Social media managers are experts in how to make social media marketing simple for businesses. They can work in-house for any type of company either full-time, or for an agency with clients who either don't have the time, or the knowledge, to do it for themselves. Social media management is still a relatively new concept within marketing and business, based on building a relationship with customers, providing real-time information, and developing a personal presence online.

Typical roles of a social media manager include:

  • Liaising with clients and developing strategies
  • Creating and distributing content
  • Building strong networks and increasing the brand’s media presence
  • Promoting a particular product, event or competition
  • Communicating directly with followers and customers
  • Monitoring the competition
  • Preserving the company’s reputation at all times
  • Juggling many accounts at one time

In-house social media managers will be expected to work closely with the marketing and PR department heads, discussing plans and strategies, reporting results and explaining trends. Those working for an agency will need to report back to their clients on the regular basis. At all times, social media managers must follow the publishing guidelines of their employer. They are responsible for the content that goes out as the voice of the brand, so content must not be offensive or go against the company’s values.

Being a social media manager requires strong communication skills and a deep knowledge of social media practices; it’s not all just about spending all day on Facebook, but developing creative marketing strategies, researching relevant information and building up useful contacts.

Social media is growing, so there are many career opportunities in this area. Social networking and online marketing skills are in demand.