Saturday, 20th April 2019


A doorman can have a huge range of different responsibilities depending on the location of the work. The most common job when thinking of a doorman is for an office or apartment block. Their main function is to secure a building, land or property.

Generally a doorman will come to know all the tenants or office workers in the building therefore they are aware who is a guest and who is a potential intruder.

If an intruder does arrive it is the doorman’s responsibility to keep them out and deal with the situation quietly and quickly.

A doorman, or bouncer, of a club has a similar role; however it is often far more demanding. They are in charge of letting people into a bar or club and ensuring that they are the correct age and are in a fit state to enter.

If violence or inappropriate behaviour occurs it is the bouncer’s responsibility to break up any fights and remove the offenders from the property.