Tuesday, 23rd April 2019


Electricity is now a common amenity in the UK, one which may be taken for granted. It’s only when electrical appliances stop working that people start to panic without them, which is why electricians are in steady and strong demand. An electrician will be qualified in the general domain of installing and repairing electrics: appliances, circuits and wiring.

There are three main areas that an electrician can work in:

  • Installation - testing and installing power systems and equipment in all types of buildings and situations
  • Maintenance - testing and checking systems on a regular basis to ensure no damage or functionality issues, often in commerce or heavy industry
  • Production - building complex electrical systems and wiring, including electro-technical panel builders and industry and household appliances

Electricians can be working on a huge range of projects, and their tasks can vary with each one. Their work can involve anything from rewiring electrics in homes and repairing household appliances, to maintaining the whole lighting network on highways and in cities.

There are a number of different skills that may be required of electricians, depending on what area they specialise in. Different types of work that an electrician might be involved in, include:

  • Working with electric fibre optic cables transporting data across wires
  • Working in renewable technology, specifically with solar panels and hydroelectric energy sources
  • Replacing faulty cables and wires in industrial equipment and machinery
  • Fitting earthing systems
  • Building electric networks and appliances for use in all areas

The different areas of electronics lead to different working conditions and locations. Electricians could find themselves working late in order to get a job finished, or find themselves being called out an a less social hour than normal. The work can sometimes be physically demanding but always requires good concentration and a good level of expertise in electronics.

As a skilled profession, there are different levels of electrician, with most starting out as an apprentice. Gradually, they will gain more specific skills and will be able to choose which area they want to specialise in. Being an electrician offers great job security and a variety in the working week.