Friday, 19th April 2019


All buildings including homes, schools, hospitals or other workplaces, need heating and proper ventilation. Some heating and ventilation set-ups are more complex than others for different reasons, but whatever the type heating and ventilation engineers are needed to correctly install and service the system. Heating and ventilation engineers might also be known as building services engineers, but specialise in this particular area.

Heating and ventilation is not just about temperature and warmth, but also about ensuring that there is suitable fresh air circulating when inside a building. Heating and ventilation engineers could be called in to install a suitable system in a new building, or simply to monitor or replace and existing set-up. All buildings will have a specifically designed ventilation system that is appropriate for its purpose.

Due to the varied nature of the industry, heating and ventilation engineers can have a number of specialities and therefore a variety of tasks including:

  • Installing heating systems in large buildings like office blocks and hospitals or domestic central heating systems in homes
  • Install ductwork and ventilation systems in large buildings
  • Service and maintenance engineers will arrange regular maintenance and repairs on all types of systems
  • Commissioning engineers are responsible for heating systems meeting their original specification. They will test them making sure that they work the way the customer needs them to

This industry is bursting with variety, with a job to suit most people’s interests. Quite often, heating and ventilation engineers will be installing and testing systems that will help people to reduce their energy consumption, being more efficient and cost-effective. They may find themselves working with highly advanced heating systems that pump air from the ground or outside into the buildings. The role is likely to require a lot of travel to different sites, and work may be in all types of conditions; outside on construction sites or inside in buildings.