Friday, 19th April 2019


The Royal Air Force (RAF) is one of the three components that make up the British Armed Forces. In total and at last survey, the British have 1,000 aircraft of all descriptions under military control, all of which contribute to the activity the Royal Air Force.

The RAF employs just fewer than 50,000 at present, all of whom are split into three main categories: 1st Group – Air Combat; 2nd Group – Air Support; and 3rd Group – training, maintenance, design and ground facilities. The range of careers and opportunities within the Royal Air Force is vast and can include single role fighters, reconnaissance, patrol, tankers, transporters, helicopters and other aerial vehicles.

It is important to remember that belonging to the prestigious Royal Air Force is not just about flying. Support and logistics are essential to any effort and are areas which provide employment opportunities to a whole range of individuals depending on their abilities and what they enjoy.

The Royal Air Force in recent years has made a big drive towards recruitment and has a current target of 9,000 new recruits per year. As a result, opportunities have increased and there has rarely been a better time to join. The British Royal Air Force is the oldest air force in the world and gaining employment within it carries great prestige and responsibility and in general the training is regarded as exceptionally tough. Both the Army and the Royal Navy rely on the Royal Air Force heavily for reconnaissance and support.