Wednesday, 26th September 2018


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The Range of Aircraft Within The Royal Air Force

  • Offensive Aircraft - The two types of offensive aircraft are Typhoon and Tornado GR4. They are used as a form of defence or in response to aggression and are a testament to the effectiveness of the modern RAF as they are able to operate from fixed bases at a very short notice.
  • Defensive Aircraft - The two types of defensive aircraft are Sentry and Typhoon and they are key components of the Royal Air Force. They must be responsive, flexible and keep the peace with other nations.
  • ISTAR and Combat ISTAR - These are also known as Reconnaissance Aircraft and are important for supplying accurate and timely information. They are especially important in Britain as we are a nation surrounded by water, so require protection of sea lanes.
  • Tanker and Transport Aircraft - All defence aircraft are supported by a tanker aircraft who will supply them with air-to-air refuelling. This enables many aircraft to be deployed quickly and stay on patrol for longer. They are also used as a transport aircraft which will move equipment and personnel away from base to wherever they are needed.
  • Smaller Transport Aircraft Smaller aircraft are used for domestic and overseas flights, mainly for use by royalty, government ministers and senior military officers.
  • Helicopters - The RAF will always support the British Army in the field and have a number of tasks that they are responsible for. Mainly the transportation of supplies and equipment to troops and to evacuate casualties. They also support the UN peacekeeping forces worldwide.
  • Training Aircraft - Pilots in the Air Force need a significant level of training before becoming qualified. This requires first class instructors to supply the most effective teaching methods. The aircraft and instructors form the foundation of the entire air force.
  • Remoted Piloted Air System (RPAS) - RPAS within the air force is becoming more and more important, they enable teams to control the aircraft from the base using a real-time video image and has the ability to attack ground targets if necessary.