Tuesday, 23rd April 2019


Royal Air Force (RAF) Officers are responsible for the welfare and discipline of those that are underneath them by both rank and ability. In Air Force terms, all those that Officers are responsible for come under the title of ‘non-commissioned Officers’ (NCOs).

Officers will be involved within two main areas: ‘strike’ and ‘personnel and training’. Officers in ‘strike’ are very much at the front line of operations and will play a major role in supporting the Army and Navy in their operations and manoeuvres. They will usually be at the front lines in times of conflict and must therefore be able to handle extreme pressure and danger. Officers that contribute to personnel and training will ensure all preparation for operations is done to perfection and that future Officers and Airmen and Women are trained effectively for their specialisms.

Within the Air Force, Officers will specialise in one of the following five disciplines: air operations; operations support; engineering and logistics; support services and professions.

To specialise as an Officer in a role is considered competitive. Candidates should be able to make decisions under pressure and show initiative.

Whilst the role is considered broadly 9am – 5pm, those overseas or with specialist training will work much longer hours and could be away from home for considerable amounts of time.