Tuesday, 11th December 2018


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  • GPMG - The 7.62 mm general purpose machine gun is a fully automatic, belt fed weapon that is capable of continuous fire and operating from a vehicle, the air or ground.
  • Grenade - These are used by marines when fighting in close combat. They are use to break the enemies fire power.
  • 0.50" HMG - The 50 inch heavy machine gun is used to increase the fire power of the marine troop. It is normally operated by three men.
  • Javelin - A medium raange anti-tank weapon. It is capable of defeating armoured vehicles including tanks and helicopters.
  • LMG - This Light Machine Gun is a fully automatic capable of continuous fire in bursts. It is a key component of a troops fire power.
  • NLAQ - A light anti-tank weapon that is one of the world's most advanced rocket systems. It has a maximum range of 1km and uses predicted line of sight.
  • 9mm Pistol - This is a close combat weapon
  • SA80 A2 - A standard Royal Marine weapon, it is used to deploy quick and accurate fire at a short range.
  • .338 Rifle - A sniper rifle that enables the marines to target specific enemy targets.
  • 51mm Mortar - A morter is a light weapon that can be carried and fired by one marine. It can fire a number of rounds such as fire smoke and high explosive rounds.
  • Commando Dagger - This is a close combat weapon and a symbol of the Royal Marines. It is not normally used within current combat, however, it is seen as a significant part of the Royal Marine Heritage.