Wednesday, 24th April 2019


Colour technologists are involved in the science and technology of colour properties, application and performance. They are scientists responsible for the development, production and quality control of dyes and pigments used for fabrics and materials. Colour technologists can be employed in a range of sectors by manufacturers of fabric, design consultancies, cosmetic companies, car manufacturers or paint and dye companies.

Colour technologists work in all areas of colour production - research, development, production, testing and marketing. They aim to ensure that the colour dyes or pigments developed fit the customer’s specifications. Technologists will research current dyes and pigments, developing newer, more durable products.

In textile production, technologists will focus on the performance of each dye, looking for colour fastness and wearability. In other product manufacturing, technologists will have an analytical role, judging the application process and assessing the correct reproduction of colour.

Typical tasks of colour technologists, working for all types of companies, might include:

  • Modifying and developing new dyes
  • Creating colour mood-boards to meet specifications
  • Liaising with clients and customers about colour requirements
  • Using specialist computer assisted design software systems (CAD)
  • Testing products against a variety of variables - in water, light and heat
  • Using high-tech colour application equipment such as lasers and ink-jet printers
  • Ensuring accurate colour reproduction
  • Using colour measuring equipment

Colour technologists will constantly research the properties and nature of colour, studying the associations between colour and perception. As a highly technical and specific role, colour technologists will have relevant qualifications as well as varied and versatile skills.