Tuesday, 25th September 2018


Fisheries research scientists in agricultural industries are most often involved in planning, conducting and analysing technical and scientific developments in new technologies and products, or increasing the understanding of existing practices. Marine and fisheries research scientists will study aquaculture and fisheries, both freshwater and marine, developing new technology and products or studying the growth and sustainability of fish farming.

Fisheries research is conducted across a number of sectors in the UK, by a number of different organisations. Government agencies, research institutions, universities and industry organisations will employ fisheries research scientists to study and develop the industry.

Typical duties of a marine or fisheries research scientists may include:

  • Collecting samples from sea or freshwater fisheries
  • Keeping up-to-date with relevant scientific developments
  • Recording, analysing and interpreting data
  • Developing solutions for problems in fisheries
  • Using computer databases and software
  • Writing research reports and creating presentations
  • Applying for grants and funding
  • Planning and organising field research trips
  • Demonstrating or distributing information about new findings and developments

Sustainable fishing is a key area of research for a fisheries research scientist. Research scientists will work with fishermen and fish farms to develop sustainable fishing methods and environmentally friendly practices. They may come up with different types of fish that can be farmed in order to take the pressure off over-farmed fish or those which are being affected by changes in climate or environment.

Research scientists may work individually doing their own research, but they usually work as part of a team. Fisheries research scientists aim to improve the aquaculture industry, publishing and communicating their findings and giving advice to fisheries and workers. Sometimes scientists will attend international conferences or demonstrations, and will keep up-to-date with research, breakthroughs and all environmental concerns.