Wednesday, 12th December 2018



Salaries for oceanographers are typically quite high due to the level of academic qualifications that they usually require. Usually, graduates with a first degree are likely to go into oceanography research with a salary of around £18,000 per annum. This salary is likely to be more around the sum of £25,000 per annum for oceanographers with a Master’s degree.

Oceanographers with PhDs can expect to earn a higher salary of anything between £20,000 and £40,000 per annum. Experienced oceanographers can then go on to earn anything up to £45,000 per annum.

Senior oceanographers or lecturers might earn up to £55,000 per annum, but this does depend on the experience and type of employer. These figures are a guideline but, typically, private sector companies will pay more than public sectors. Oceanographers working for specialist consultancies can sometimes earn even more.

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