Friday, 19th April 2019


Research scientists work to plan, conduct and analyse research in controlled scientific investigations. A research scientist will plan and carry out experiments in laboratories in order to develop the scientific knowledge of a specific area, technology or product. This can involve creating new products and technologies, or developing and improving existing ones.

Research scientists have many specialisms and can work for a number of employing organisations, including hospitals, research facilities, government departments or universities. See Specialisms

However, most research scientists will be based in a laboratory or controlled environment, conducting a number of general tasks.

Typical duties of a research scientist working in any area might include:

  • Planning and carrying out experiments
  • Collecting and testing samples
  • Recording and analysing data
  • Presenting results and writing up research
  • Drawing up research proposals
  • Applying for funding
  • Developing new products and techniques
  • Improving existing products

Research scientists specialising in all areas will usually work in a team with support staff and technicians, in compliance with all health and safety regulations. Research positions with permanent contracts, for whatever specialism, attract strong competition, so high academic standards are required throughout.