Wednesday, 24th April 2019


The concept of social work is naturally associated with charity, although there is a distinct difference: whereas charities aim to support groups of people who fall into a certain category, social work and civil care focus attention on the individual in order to both improve the quality of life for everyone and to create a positive difference within society as a whole.

The main objective of a social worker is to create bonds of trust and offer people in a wide range of situations an impartial ear to talk to in order to facilitate rehabilitation following, or during, difficult circumstances. There are many ways in which social workers get involved, such as through counselling, teaching, medical assistance, community interaction, protection of vulnerable people, assessing users in order to advise and point them in the direction of the best help and social care administration.

People working with children, young people or vulnerable adults will usually need to clear a Criminal Records Bureau check before they can begin work. Entrants can often reclaim the cost of the checks from the organisation they are going to work for.

Currently, the demand for social workers in the UK is very high.