Thursday, 25th April 2019


Software developers are concerned with all aspects of the software design, creation and development process and can specialise in research, design, development and testing. Most are concerned with the actual task of programming whilst the very best are project managers who can oversee entire teams of developers.

The design stage is reserved for those with the most vision, though it is by no means the only sector. Programme and software implementation, analysis of markets and business and costing are also all extremely important.

In larger companies software developers will be given more specific roles, sometimes only focusing on one programme to develop, implement and test. In smaller firms a developer will often need to possess a wide range of skills in order to fulfil the many tasks their roles demand.

Software development, whilst still a relatively new job in terms of the career market, is now an ever growing one. As we rely on computers more and more and they become yet further engrained in our daily lives, more software developers will be needed. Examples of famous software designers are Peter Norton (Norton anti-virus) and Richard Garriot (Ultima).