Thursday, 23rd May 2019


The main function of systems developers, also known as systems designers, is to design new programmes to suit existing or newly built computers. Systems developers specialise in the internal world of computers, bettering their functions and operation. To do this they either upgrade current systems and computers in place or build new systems to suit the needs of their company and clients.

Particularly in major businesses, systems developers can be permanent troubleshooters for employees and colleagues. They restore any faults and constantly update and write new code to better efficiency. Most systems developers will work within businesses or IT departments for companies.

There is a strict process in which a systems developer must approach problems they are faced with: consultation; considering the best ways to help; resolving faults; testing the new systems and rewriting where necessary; explaining what they have done to other staff and ensuring they understand it; and finally testing the improvements they have made at full capacity.

Most developers will also be able to help in other areas of computing and development will often be their specialism.