Friday, 19th April 2019


Web designers are the ones responsible for the layout and look of all web pages available on the internet. They must ensure the appearance is not only appealing to the eye but that it is easy to use, up-to-date and targeting the correct audience. For those designers working in a corporate field, a website is now often the first port of call for potential clients. Company websites need to be relevant, innovative and most importantly, be able to push the company brand and ensure return business.

Web designers are constantly on the lookout for new clients and, upon securing them, be ready to liaise with them directly for possible improvements and tweaks that must be made. Provision of a website must be accompanied by accurate timescales and budgets. Web designers also need to study the competition to ensure that what they produce is original, innovative but not oblique.

Web designers aim to stay on the cutting edge and keep abreast of changes in the design world and upgrades to their daily programmes. Once they have a design in place they will upload it to the web and monitor it closely for traffic and any glitches that may occur.