Wednesday, 24th April 2019


Web producer is a broad title but an extremely important one nonetheless. They can also be known as online producers, content producers or online editors.

The role of the web producer is to create, edit and arrange web pages that are to appear online. Arrangement of all sorts of different aspects needs to be considered, particularly in the modern IT world where websites have become so complex but also so commonplace.

All audio, visual and text placement needs to be done individually. Put simply, web producers are less concerned with the technical side of web design and more interested with the overall feel and function of a website and how it will appear to the general public or browsers.

The role is mainly design led, although a sound knowledge of computers is just as important. Web producers are distinct from web designers, although the two positions often work together. Nowadays websites and companies are concerned with traffic, or the number of visitors to their page, and how long they spend browsing through its features. As a result, a web producer will constantly be trying to boost popularity of a site using the most modern design techniques or latest popular features. Web designers quite often have backgrounds in journalism, with solid communication skills and knowledge of SEO (search engine optimisation) principles.

Online communication has quite literally boomed in recent years. With the arrival of social networking, intranets, global networks and updating, the web producer has had to adapt alongside these trends. The web producer must not only understand these new trends but use them to their advantage for themselves and the business they represent.

Day to day a web producer must coordinate with all facets that make up a website including editors, designers and technicians to ensure the website is being presented as requested.