Saturday, 20th April 2019


The spa and health club industry offers professional treatments that aim to provide relaxation, well-being and improve health. It is an area which is continually growing due to the increase in people seeking calm and relaxation from their hectic lifestyles. The beauty industry, now worth over £5 billion in the UK alone, is seen as an integral part of an individual’s life; people are continually looking for the newest treatment that will help improve their emotional or physical state.

Spas have become a popular recreational attraction and an essential destination for many. Its fast expansion has created countless jobs for spa managers and therapists. On-going training courses and apprenticeships are common within the industry for those wishing to improve their skills or those starting a new career as jobs within the industry are progressive. Some will choose to specialise in one particular area; however most will learn a broad spectrum of treatments.

The jobs available are hugely varied; treatments can range from relaxation massages, to waxing to holistic therapy. An employee must ensure that the client is as relaxed as possible at all times and the highest level of professionalism is undertaken.

Once an individual is licensed there are a range of places which offer work. Most hotels will have a spa or salon as part of their facilities. Other opportunities include salons, spas or freelance - going to people’s homes to carry out treatments. Each place of work offers its own positives and negatives; it is completely dependent on what suits the individual. Those who are lucky enough to progress within their career may decide to open up a spa and create their own business.