Friday, 19th April 2019


Colonic hydrotherapy, or the process of colonic irrigation, is the practice of cleansing the colon of waste products and toxins. There are two main reasons for having this done: people wanting to improve their health and those with a medical condition requiring this procedure.

There is a very strict process that the hydrotherapist must take. It is important to note that this is far more ‘medically’ based than most other jobs within the health and beauty industry. It requires someone with medical knowledge though not someone necessarily medically trained.

Therapists take client details, including medical history, lifestyle and diet before preparing the client for irrigation. They clean equipment and ensure the client is happy and comfortable. This may involve Massaging pressure points and taking feedback.

Health and safety are essential. All equipment must be sterilised pre and post use. Hydrotherapists need to make notes on each case and in serious cases refer the individual to a GP or surgeon.

Hydrotherapists will work on flexible hours depending on clients. Usually, with the nature of the work, it will be done privately following a consultation. The very best are self-employed and can earn up to £40 - £75 per session which usually lasts 90 minutes.

Most hydrotherapists have a great interest in the body and the way it functions. An interest in the study of the body itself and the enjoyment of biology is essential.