Sunday, 21st April 2019


Massage is now a big business and shows no signs of slowing down due to increased popularity and frequency of visits by the general public. Massage can be used for both the treatment of injury and for pleasure and relaxation. Therapists are consultants and practitioners in this specialist job.

Initially the massage therapist will assess exactly what the client wants and whether they have any problem areas. This is especially important if the client has an injury that needs treating as they do not want to worsen the condition or cause any unnecessary pain or discomfort.

Massage therapists have four main areas of day to day work that they are involved with: prevention of pain and healing; manipulation of the body and applying pressure to develop, maintain and rehabilitate muscles and soft tissues; encouraging the body to heal and providing advice on continued therapy; alternative treatments and general future prevention of a recurring injury.

Massage has developed over the past two decades and new forms and styles are still being discovered. As a result, therapists need a good understanding of the health and beauty industry as a whole whilst specialising in massage. A good understanding of the body and anatomy is essential.