Sunday, 21st April 2019


Spa and salon managers, in some ways, are behind either the success or failure of a spa or salon. Their management skills and business sense can drive the company forward or leave it to remain how it is.

Managers must oversee all staff and ensure customer satisfaction is at the highest level it can possibly reach. Return business from customers is the principle way of making a profit in the industry, and the manager is the driver of this.

Managers must be aware of new trends in the health and beauty industry as well as the retail market itself to implement strategies that will lead to greater profits. They are also responsible for the marketing of the business, ensuring that they are tapped in to a number of useful sources of current information.

Health and safety and other regulations must understandably all be adhered to and the manager must take charge of this. However, despite all of the work and the stress placed on the position ultimately the role of manager can be both lucrative and rewarding.

Experience is crucial – many managers will have started at a junior level and worked their way up. This approach will allow them to understand all aspects of the business from the ground level upwards. In most cases managers are very good stylists or practitioners. They will occasionally have their own appointments to loyal or long term clients.

The very best managers may look to open up their own salon/spa or be placed in charge of a number of outlets.