Wednesday, 24th April 2019


Spa therapist is a general term for all practitioners that work within spas and deliver treatments and services to clients. Spas have grown in number and frequency of visitation in the past years and, as a result, those employed within the trade have also risen. Treatments and services have also increased and therapists have been allowed to become more specialised in different fields.

Treatments can include massage, body scrubs, body wraps, pedicures, manicures, facials and general therapeutic treatments. The public visit spas to feel better. Therapists are in charge of providing a general sense of wellbeing to leave clients ultimately satisfied with the services provided.

Therapists ensure that the spa is immaculately clean and tidy, peaceful and relaxed. Clients visit spas to unwind and escape the stresses of their lives. Therapists deliver treatments to enhance this state.

Spa therapy is not only growing fast but the opportunities for progression have become more and more apparent. Most employees will begin at a young age, either working at the counter or assisting the more senior therapists. Once they have progressed to management level some break away and go to set up their own practices independently.