Friday, 19th April 2019


Sport covers a spectrum of physical activities, from the common to the specialist. From a very young age, children are encouraged to take part in sport, not just for physical wellbeing, but for learning teamwork, leadership and social interaction. Sport continues to feature heavily for the same reasons in everyday adult life. Whether through participation or viewing, sport is big business.

According to SkillsActive, the British sports and recreation industries currently employ around 371,800 people. The UK has always been a major centre for sporting excellence across the board, and with the 2012 Olympic Games being held in London, the UK's sporting industry will be under the focus of the rest of the world. Millions of pounds have been invested into the sector, so it is currently a very exciting industry to work in.

Aside from the Olympics, there is a growing awareness of and tendency towards health and fitness activities in the UK. Increasing amounts of people are taking part in sport and leisure as a hobby and a way of life. With growing demand for fitness centres and sports teams for all ages, there are a great number of job opportunities being created.

There are thousands of sporting workplaces across the country, including a variety of commercial companies and not-for-profit organisations. There has been a lot of attention and investment put into the promotion of sports, with community projects and sports centres increasing. There are substantial numbers of part-time, temporary or volunteer jobs available in this industry which can all lead to good career prospects.

People who work in sports related fields don't necessarily have to be the best athletes, but they often enjoy and have an interest in sports, either generally or one in particular. Positions can be outdoors, teaching or training, or indoors marketing and supervising, so for someone who enjoys sport, but isn't about to go pro, there are still huge amounts of job opportunities out there.