Friday, 19th April 2019


Personal trainers, or fitness instructors, work in gyms and health clubs providing one-on-one or group training sessions. They advise clients on the most effective use of equipment, carry out health assessments and push their clients to achieve their desired physical goals.

Whilst being a relatively new trend, personal trainers are now extremely popular and common in gyms and health clubs. With a growing concern and interest in one’s physical state, personal trainers have tripled in number in the past five years alone.

Personal trainers are not always solely trained in providing advice on the physical aspects of a healthy lifestyle. They are trained in nutrition and can provide advice on balanced diets to help the client reach their desired goals. Personal trainers can also provide an overall lifestyle assessment to ensure their clients are happy and satisfied with results.

Trainers need to be fully aware and competent with health and safety regulations specifically with their clients. They need to be well aware of their clients’ limits and only drive them as far as they want to go to achieve their goals.

Personal trainers usually work for chains of health clubs or gymnasiums; if they have prior experience and are very good at what they do then they can move to become a freelance fitness instructor.

Personal trainers are not only confined to gymnasiums and health clubs. Some specialise in outdoor training sessions which can include boxing, running and swimming.

There is no guaranteed employment as a personal trainer, as it is becoming an increasingly competitive field. Gaining the right qualifications, having a good personable nature, and an enthusiasm for sport will go a long way.