Sunday, 19th May 2019


Sports organisations, clubs and teams are now amongst some of the biggest in the world. Roles in administration make up almost half of all jobs in the sports world. There are some key areas for which administration is essential to success:

  • Fundraising and local authority

Raising money through sports events to support charities (e.g. The London Marathon) or local government projects such as new sports areas and equipment for the community to use.

  • Organising community events and running sports centres

The operation, budgeting, marketing and general matters concerned with local sports facilities, clubs and teams. Community events are often held in sports halls.

  • General administration

Supporting staff for all sporting roles including secretarial roles, administration of events, Human Resources, accounts and budgeting and marketing.

These roles have gained far more significance in recent years in light of the massive growth of the sporting industry and its public image and distribution. All administrators are expected to be aware of new trends, respond to the public and love sport.

Administrators can rise quickly through a sports company providing they are good at their job. They have a quite vast range of roles including managerial support, promotion, consultation, finance, research, marketing, staff supervision and responding to enquiries.