Thursday, 25th April 2019


Sports agents procure and negotiate new contracts, wages and any other deal led negotiations on behalf of sports persons and athletes. Agents will either work freelance but mainly in companies who will represent any given number of players. This work is almost as competitive as being a sportsperson and for every position at least 2000 apply.

Agents must push their clients and their needs so that they get all that they are worth and more. Agents will subsequently take a percentage of the contract. To do this they must promote the skills and talents of their clients and negotiate the best deal possible.

Agents are the ultimate middle men and must talk to all parties that would be involved in the career or backing of a sportsperson. They will negotiate with owners, managers, coaches, brokers and negotiators. Agents must provide their clients with a number of options and not just the most lucrative. Client satisfaction is paramount to an agent’s success.

Agents will have a big hand in the marketing and PR of their clients. Image can be everything and the agent must protect the rights to and appearance of their sportspersons.