Friday, 19th April 2019


Coaches and managers take players or sportspersons and maximise their potential. Their role is to manage both the team and the individuals within them. It is easy to assume that managers and coaches only work at the top end of sports but this is not the case. School, community and local teams all need the guidance of a coach. They are there to improve performance, motivate individuals and improve the physical and psychological performance of their players.

Managers and coaches have a general wish to introduce people to the world of sport. Once they have them introduced they will provide structured and effective training programme that brings the most out of the players. Training programmes are designed to include all players with managers focusing on all players and not just the best.

Managers are experts in communication. Getting their point across quickly and efficiently is essential. Coaches themselves will have not only a love of sport but are most likely to have played it to a competitive level at some stage in their lives. As a result, they can demonstrate what they want to their teams and ensure their message is more clearly understood.

Coaches and managers quite often embody a team and their sport. They should be a role model for their players and retain high legal and ethical standards.

Managers form the bond between the individuals in a team and the rest of the people supporting or assisting them. They must retain close links with physiotherapists, doctors, nutritionists and other managerial staff so that they are well aware of how their players will behave and perform. Knowing their team and the players precisely will see them have a greater success.

Managers are not solely teachers. Particularly for smaller clubs and non-professionals they must be in charge of planning, administration, maintaining records, sponsorship, competition entries and marketing of the team.

Unless the coach/manager is at a professional level they will usually work part time. A lot of community coaches are unpaid and most school coaches will combine sport teaching with another subject that they teach.