Thursday, 25th April 2019


Sports Development Officers (SDOs) now form an essential part of the sporting world and not only in the remit of professionalism. In fact, SDOs concern themselves with promoting and encouraging sport and related activities in communities and areas where the public have limited access to it.

Sport has for too long solely been focused on the very best. SDOs, along with Government initiatives and a general agreement from the country have taken the reins in improving access to sport and associated facilities for all ages and all abilities. Sport has been proven to develop communities and bring them closer together. They are part of a consensus for social inclusion agendas.

SDOs themselves organise venues, programmes, projects, information and appropriate training. Sport improves people’s moods and general wellbeing and SDOs are the representatives to enable this to happen.

SDOs support local governments, schools, local clubs and local teams to help them get what they need to play sport and improve at it. They will have a good knowledge of resources and funding and just what it takes to draw teams together and watch them flourish. In order to justify spending they will monitor results and report to those above them.

SDOs need to be well aware of developments in the sporting world, as well as within the community they represent. They will find and train staff to help get the very best players noticed and potentially signed with clubs who can pay them to play.

Most SDOs are also qualified coaches and will take a hands-on role when it comes to improving those playing.