Wednesday, 24th April 2019


Sports psychology is by far and away the most popular and competitive aspect of sports science. In recent years nutrition has become very popular but psychologists are still the most common. Their role is to train sportspersons mentally so that their physical aspects can be improved.

Psychologists will study all factors related to sportspersons and how they can improve their performance. However, sportspersons are not the only people to come under the remit of the psychologist abilities. Anyone undertaking physical activity or exercise can improve their performance with the use of a psychologist.

Psychologists are broadly split into two groups: those that actively practice and those that research. Those that actively participate will psychologically treat sportspersons or those that exercise to improve their performances. To be at the best in the physical game the mental aspects need to be strong. Those that research will improve the practice of sports psychology and see how it can progress. They focus on wellbeing and the associated benefits this can bring to those involved in exercise and sport. Psychology in sport is more developed in the USA; this is where most of the new research comes from.