Wednesday, 24th April 2019


The professional sporting world is understandably one of the most competitive industries there is globally; nearly everyone dreams of being a superstar sportsperson at some stage in their life, however, only the very best will succeed with expansive natural ability and immensely hard work. As a sportsperson you are trained to compete ferociously and losing is not an option.

Most sportspersons will pick their discipline early on in life depending on their interests and talents and practice to achieve success. They can be either professionals or amateurs, with the vast majority being of amateur status. However, to be paid for competing, the individual must be professional.

Sportsmen do not stand alone. To be truly great they require a team of people behind them including trainers, coaches, nutritionists, sports scientists and psychologists. Sportspersons must understand and get on with all parties to ensure they have the best chance of success.

Generally sportspersons have short careers, particularly if they are in the top flight of their respective field. Despite this they can be paid well but only the very best earn enough to be sportsmen alone. Most have other jobs that supplement their lifestyles. Obviously those at the very top of their game can have enormous amounts of media attention upon them, and this can be intensely stressful.

Amateur sportspersons need sponsorship to be able to progress whilst professionals rely on endorsements. A lot of competitors who are either not good enough or are past their best years will turn to coaching.