Friday, 19th April 2019


Every business in the world needs somewhere to work from; they need a base. Commercial surveyors find, buy, sell, let and manage premises on the direct instructions of their clients. They form the essential bond between those selling, those buying and those leasing offices, shops, leisure premises and warehouses. Managing the interests of their own clients brings focus on negotiation skills, enthusiasm and the ability to learn quickly and think logically whilst always remembering their and their clients' legal standing. At the top end, commercial property surveyors can expect to deal with multi-million pound portfolios making informed decisions depending on the wishes of their clients.

With knowledge of the surrounding area and the current financial property market an investment surveyor will price a product or building accordingly to attract a number of interested parties to buy the newly constructed or refurbished building or buildings.

Investment surveyors must be highly proficient in valuation and negotiation. They will deal with a whole range of buildings and must meet the needs of their clients whilst maintaining an in-depth knowledge of all products.

Once the building has been shown to interested parties, an investment surveyor will collect ‘bids’ made by those that wish to purchase or sell the building. They will discuss the bids with their client and, depending on the strength of the offers, decide on one to proceed with. This is where the investment surveyor must begin to negotiate. Those selling want the highest price possible and those buying wish for the lowest. It is the job of the two opposing investment surveyors to reach a price which both clients are happy with. Following this, contracts can be exchanged, checked by lawyers and then completed upon. The investment surveyor will then take his fee.